Sunday, May 27, 2012

16 miles: Let the Ragnar training begin!

A couple of weeks ago I found myself voluntarily joining a 6-person ultra relay team running the 200-mile Ragnar event from Winona, Minnesota, to Minneapolis. Obviously still feeling the high from my last marathon, I kinda overlooked the fact this occurs in AUGUST! It tends to get a little hot in August...and I tend get a little cranky and ornery and very weary of the heat by August. Soooo my mission to make friends with the summer sun began today. Despite forgetting my Garmin and utilizing the half mile and mile markers along the trail, I hung in there for 14 of today's 16 miles along the Duck Creek Trail in Davenport before finally succumbing at 12:25 p.m. Dripping, I climbed in the car, cranked up the AC and drove home to run the last 2 on Newmann.

Perfect spot for a picnic along Duck Creek, but nary a chicken leg to be found.

I was impressed with the speed with which so many runners took to the path
today! I had to keep reminding myself, "Be the turtle. BE THE TURTLE!"

All along the trail, you get peaks at the water running along.

I was very impressed with how busy the trail was. Oodles of bikers and runners
and walkers, but also many families! This dad had his daughter in a stroller
and their dog on a leash.

 The water looked so cool and inviting!

Close to my turnaround, Emmis Golf Course.


Coming back from Emmis Golf Course, I spotted a garbage can where I could
dump my gel packet. As I ducked under some tree limbs, I spotted this
most patriotic little birdhouse nestled in the tree. Cute!

A big benefit of running in this area is the cover. If I'd run at home, I'd have sizzled!

Every so often a person can spot little renegade dirt paths off the trail proper. 
This one looks like it's just a couple of feet up a tiny hill and back onto the trail, 
but looks can be deceiving. During the return  leg, I opted to follow the dirt part 
and found you could go left (north) through a bunch of weeds.

It was tempting, but I went right and headed back onto the trail.

I thought the bumps and gnarls on this trunk was pretty cool!

About a quarter mile east of the Eastern Ave. trail access is an area of wildflowers
that has grown so much in the last 5 weeks since I last run down here. Lots of blooms!

The ducks were chilling under bridges near the water 'cause they're smart!

Old trees are so awesome! Just look at the generous canopy this one gives.

I'm pretty darn lucky to enjoy such a view from the treadmill . . .

While I may ruefully call him Newmann . . . I have to admit he treats
me pretty darn good. Have a great week all!!!