Monday, November 7, 2011

13 miles + 13 days = Gobbler Time

13 days until the Gobbler Grind Marathon! Today's 13-mile Long Run was done on new ground (for me). From Clinton's north end a.k.a. Lyons, I headed over the Mississippi River and north along the Great River Trail. It was a simple out-and-back route, but a gorgeous day for some alone time.

At the start of Mile 2, a couple of friendly neighborhood tractors wait alongside Hwy. 136.

The north bridge from Clinton over the Mississippi River to Fulton. I stayed on Hwy. 136
to the eastern-most edge of Fulton until turning north onto the Great River Trail for another 4.5 miles.

I couldn't resist a shot of my feet in the leaves.

Look at that magnificent trail! HEAVEN!!!!

This portion of the Great River Trail is a 2-lane road. The only traffic
the Pumpkin Guy greeted was myself and 2 vehicles.

The weather had started out very gray, but then the sun came out. Gorgeous!

Almost to the turn around point at Mile 6.5. Not sure what the withered,
dried pods were on this tree, but I think they're quite lovely.

The terrain had a crazy "northwoods" feel thanks to a stand of pine trees.
Odd, but cool 'cause I love the northwoods.

This picture really doesn't do the foliage justice. There was some great color out there today!

This is some canal, I'm assuming for irrigation purposes. Amid the trees
at the top, you can see some Mississippi River peak out.

I could not resist basking in the glow of these leaves!!! I soooo dig fall!
This is along the "main drag"/Hwy. 136 through Fulton. 

The approach to the river...

Heading up and over Old Man River. (I have to admit, I was just needing to breath).

The twin steeples of St. Ireneaus Church, as seen from the bridge. 
A pretty little picture on which to finish a run.

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  1. So beautiful. I love this approach to running. A girl could get behind this approach to running. Thank you for bringing me smiles!