Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobbler Grind Marathon--Overland Park, Kansas

For some reason I kinda forgot to run this last week so today's marathon goal had be altered from a do'able 4:30 to just finishing. I'm pretty bummed considering how well my training had been going, but oh well. As Forrest Gump says, "Stupid is as stupid does".... and anyone who would take on this crazy course having abandoned training a week prior wins the dunce award! 

At the start of the Gobbler Grind Marathon along with the 5k'ers and Half'ers. It was pretty
congested until the half'ers finished but participants and support crews were very nice and happy.

Around Mile 16 we passed under Marty Road! I couldn't resist stopping for a 
nod to my husband (and feared I'd run out of willingness by the time I got back).

My very own peanut gallery waited and waited and waited for my arrival...

Seeing them as I approached the Mile 26 sign about choked me up!

 ...and gave me a big reason to smile.

About to cross the finish line as my cheerleaders yelled me in.

A PR by 5 minutes with a 4:48:49 finish. Ugly, but a lesson learned!

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