Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 weeks until my 2nd Illinois Marathon

Having taken a break during December and January, I've returned to the solace of the Long Run as training resumes for the April 28th Christi Clinic Illinois Marathon. I ran it last year and LOVED IT! For today's 12 mile LR, I wore my thicker long tights and wool socks, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a fleece half-zip pullover, skull cap and gloves. My toes were a little cold, but not unbearable, though my fingers were pretty numb by the end. I also had a Nathan water belt with 2 10 oz. bottles of water and 1 peanut butter granola bar. 

I opted to drive to Clinton, Iowa, where I knew I could easily access support if I needed it. Plus, I get such a thrill running the North Bridge which spans the Mississippi River, connecting Clinton and Iowa with Fulton and Illinois. From there it was a simple out and back jaunt along the Great River Bike Trail.

Heading over the Mighty Miss toward Fulton. Note the guy and his dog on
bike path below. As I was leaving, I overheard him shouting at
his canine companion. Jerk. I hope he poops in the guy's shoe! 

My rush!!! I LOVE going over this bridge!!!!

Just a light dusting of snow greeted me this morning. Most was melted
for the return trip, but I ran cautious so as not to pull a hammy.

Is there anything sweeter than little kitty prints? :-)

 I couldn't resist a close up...

I had the trail to myself! Many runners don't understand those of us
who venture out on Long Runs alone. Myself? I find it blissful!

Approaching the turn-around. I don't particularly enjoy this section of the
Great River Bike Trail. It's kinda creepy and lonely. Fortunately I wasn't on it long.

Toot at the Turn-around. I don't remember this cross from previous runs and
I don't know the story behind it. I gave it a respectful nod nonetheless.

Meeting myself I was going.

Having just come off the bridge, there was something about the trains that speaks
to the history of this town. Clinton can be a bit depressed, but as a runner,
I've come to really love and appreciate the town's efforts to offer friendly running
terrain and fun events like last weekend's 31st annual Brrry Scurry!

What a great end to today's run. Less than a quarter mile from my car, I spotted 
this wee Sally Carrera from the Disney Cars movies. I came to screeching halt
(or maybe a sluggish pause) to snap her picture. There was something so
cute about this little thing just sitting out on the sidewalk. I let it alone
perchance some little person would return in search of his or her toy...

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  1. Nice pics.

    I would have taken the little car.