Wednesday, February 15, 2012

11 weeks to Champaign: 15 miles

With rain predicted for the afternoon and snow by this evening, I wasn't sure what this morning's 15er would look like. I wore my warmer long tights again, one long sleeved shirt, one light coat and one half-zip fleece with gloves and mittens on top. For fuel I carried all 4 bottles on my Nathan belt and 2 packs of Sport Beans. The first 6 miles were gorgeous along Clinton's Rec Trail with blue skies, temps in the high 30s and a light breeze out of the southeast. This is also the leg on which I took the most pictures. Not only did it make for a SUPER DUPER slow jaunt, but as I began the 9 mile leg along last week's LR path, the sky greyed and so did my mood. Wile I tried to stay positive, the last 9 were kind of a slog-fest.

Mother Goose guards her babies during bath time...

I  loved seeing these guys zoom up the river for some fishing
like it was June and not February!

A view up river from a tiny leg off the main rec trail.

The Clinton County Courthouse never ceases to grab my attention.
I think she's gorgeous, even from this dull vantage.

I started at the north end of the river leg portion of the Clinton Rec Trail and to access
the main river front, your taken over a local lock. Here I stand above that view cold river. 

Being that I'm a product of the 80s, I remember when the great Bald Eagle was
nearly snuffed out. They're now a common sight, but they never get old to me!

Clinton boasts its own local theater company which took up residence in this great paddle
wheel from which the troupe took its name. Every summer they offer a 2-week-long
Glee Camp for elementary and middle school kids. My daughter LOVES it!

A view off the paddle wheel of the Showboat Theater. Just look
at that commerce seen beneath the theater's gangplank entrance!

I assume this was some "nutty" Valentine left over from yesterday.
Nonetheless, it stopped me in my tracks. I hope they liked almonds!


A pretty cool war memorial.

This is the starting point of the Clinton Rec Trail, but I started at the opposite
end of the river front. I love the bridges. The far one is for rail cars while
the high one is referred to as the 'south bridge' into Illinois south of Fulton.

Just a cute little nest in one of the trees along the river front. Too bad it was empty.

Getting my thrill on as I head over to Fulton. I loved seeing all the
blocks of ice floating along.

As I was shuffling along the Great River Bike Trail, I just happened to glance left and
spotted this offshoot. Despite having run this trail several times, I'd never
noticed it before. I like finding new things in familiar places!!! 

I spotted this in a Fulton front yard during the final 2.5 miles. My dad passed away
1 month ago today. I do not wish to bring him back, cancer had
caused him enough suffering. But I sure do miss him.

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