Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A 13-mile LR in 3 Acts

Today's LR was a step down after the last 3 weeks of increase. With a wind advisory from the southwest predicting 25-35 mph winds with gusts up to 50, I decided to catch a ride into DeWitt with my husband when he left for work and run home with a tailwind. This sounded great in theory, but in practice, I had to take a knee at Mile 5 and call the Sag Wagon. I made it another mile down the road by the time Marty found me.

Act I: The open road
About a half mile into today's LR, my neck began aching from holding it up.
The tailwind was so strong I had to fight to keep upright. Grrr.

Anyone remember my canine leg-licker from last fall? I glanced to my left and noticed
more to my shadow than just me. This friendly guy ran with me for about a mile.
Yes, that is dog tongue on my water bottle...

He was such a sweetheart! Look at those beautiful eyes! Yes, they are two different colors!

I got to run past the house in which my Grandmother Reed grew up! This is the willow
at the corner of the acreage. Not only is the willow my favorite tree, but knowing this
was Gramma's makes it even cooler. And while the weather turned gross
by the afternoon, the morning sun was glorious and that blue sky? Divine!

Act II: A room with a view
Hello, Newman...

Am I the only one with a Love/Hate relationship with her treadmill. This is my forward view.

View from the side. My goal was to just dig in and crank out the remaining 7 with a good book.
Unfortunately, I forgot about a lunch date and had to cut it short by 3.

Act III: Swan song
Blurry, but done! After a day of stops and starts: unexpectedly helping deliver Meals on Wheels,
a leisurely lunch with a friend (who's considering becoming a runner!), doctor appointments
for the daughter and me, followed by an impromptu visit with Gramma Reed, 
I summoned the courage to return to Newman once more for a final 3 mile slog.
Listening to the new Florence + the Machine disc helped oodles!!!

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