Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Breezy" 17er - 7.5 weeks to Champaign

After last week's step down, it was time to ramp back up with a 17 mile run today. I lacked a game plan for today and thus chose the Clinton Rec Trail, again. The headwind from the south waxed me on the first 4 miles and from that point, it was a bit of a trudge-fest up into Eagle Point Park. After enjoying the downhill return to my car, I threw in the towel at 12.2 and ran the remaining 4.8 miles on the treadmill at home.

Having started near St. Irenaeus Church, I traveled south on the rec trail
and toward the Mississippi River. I'd never noticed this view before!

Once I got into the tree-lined portion of the rec trail beside the river it was
ALL EAGLES, ALL THE TIME! I couldn't get close to this mom, nor did I want to,
and just tried to zoom in as close as possible. She didn't budge at all. Once I got
home and started looking at pictures, we can now see why she stayed put!  

This was my view of her from the rec trail. Pretty hard to
pick her out from this vantage point.

There were absolutely OODLES of eagles out today! At one point, I counted 8 on the ice
and a solid dozen in the nearby trees. Was pretty psyched to have caught this pic.
I eventually ended up channeling Dean Karnazes and doing some off-roading
to the point of that land mass behind them!

Aren't they awesome!

I was super excited to be on this strip of land. Very cool to be the only one out there.

This was the view of the rec trail from the nose of this little island.
Note the Showboat Theater.


Decide to continue the off-roading for a mini little jaunt
beyond the north end of the rec trail.

The opposite view of the tracks. That's St. Irenaeus Church in the background.
It was one of several the local catholic diocese closed. Fortunately
the structure was saved and last I'd heard it would be utilized as a museum.
The inaugural 'When the Saints Go Marching In 5k' was held last Memorial Day.
I missed it, but my husband and kids all placed in their age groups!

After tackling that long climb up into Eagle Point Park, I shuffled
along on the park roads. On Monday, several patches were still snow and
ice covered. Today? All clear, but the roads were still closed to traffic.
Every kid needs to visit this castle, it's just plain fun!!!

While in Eagle Point, the sun came out and lighted up the gorgeous
vistas of the Mississippi. See y'all next week!!!


  1. Hi Jne Jenny Jennifer Jen Follower! Thanks for checking out my blog. Your photos are gorgeous for end of winter, how fantastic that you take time to SEE what you are running thru. I'll be back.

    1. Thanks so much Donna! I get such a kick out of YOUR blog!!!! You're quite funny and good with the camera! Thanks for the visit!