Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5.5 weeks 'til Champaign: 19 miler

After last week's epic scratch of the 18er, I celebrated St. Patrick's Day running the 25k portion of the 2nd Hawkeye 50/25k trail race around Lake Macbride. The unseasonably high tempetures have me totally cashed. If it's not mongo head winds, it's temps over 80. Winds I expect. Heat I do not.

Today I headed west from home along Hwy. 136. I didn't get going until 8:30 a.m. and the sun was burning hot. At 4.5 miles, I noticed road work up ahead so opted to turn back. With the water bottles on empty, I went home and refueled with Sport Beans and Nuun electrolyte tabs and hopped on "Newman" (my treadmill) for 8 more miles. I finished today's 19er with a 2-mile walk/jog combo with my daughter who's gearing up for a 1 mile fitness test at school.

As fields like these green up, more and more cows are being let out to pasture.
I'm not sure, but I think a type of fly treatment rub gets hung from this structure.

I love farms viewed beyond stretches of hills and dales.

 Don't ya' dig the early buds. The green is so vibrant it's almost neon!

Despite the greening, there's a whole bunch of bare out there.

I love when roads look like ribbons or waves, gently rolling along...

Momo in some new tennies. And how 'bout those socks! I told her if she takes a liking to running,
we'll make the drive north to Dubuque's Shoe Shack for a proper fit! They are WONDERFUL!

She thought we should note the rules of the track.

DONE-SKI! (I really hope she finds herself a runner!) 

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