Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 13--22 miles to Dad's

Following some knee trouble over the last 2 weeks (and backing waaayyyy off
the mileage) I opted to take a different  route to my dad's farm, taking advantage
of wider shoulders and awesome tailwinds. Next week, I'll peak at 24.5.
 About 6 miles into today's run south beyond the old county farm.

 When roads look like ribbons I think of RAGBRAI...and smile.

 Just a pretty little valley....

 ....followed by another. At the 10 mile mark, I headed east and worked the cross wind for 4.5 miles.

 The last of the hills heading east toward Elviria, Iowa, before heading back south.

 From beautiful hills to pancake flatness, I LOVE this route!!!

 Low traffic on Hwy. 30 toward Clinton, Iowa.

 Another example of why I love this time of year: John Deeres
pulling wagons of corn...this one down an on-ramp onto Hwy. 30.

With 3 miles left, this little guy thought I needed the 'what for'! He was crackin' me up
and helped me smile during the last miles of today's fun long run. Happy Wednesday!

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