Sunday, April 15, 2012

13 days & 15 miles until Illinois Marathon

Have had a week of lethargy and fatigue. Not sure what's gone on other than it felt like I lost my mojo. Whether it's back of not, I felt pretty ok out there today. With crazy bad weather swirling all about, Smarty Marty dropped me 13 miles from home so I could utilize the big winds out of the south to blow me home. With a request to come find me if I wasn't back by a certain time (I didn't feel like carrying the extra pack for my phone), he wished me luck and left me at Kildeer County Park east of DeWitt. 

When I started, temps were in the 70s with a hazy sun. Given the rain we received during last night's big thunderstorms, it was pretty dang humid and the first couple miles were tough, but by Mile 3, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and it felt much cooler. It was a pretty smooth, straight shot from Kildeer to Charlotte via County Hwy Z24/330th Ave. With rain and pictures delaying me, Marty went on search and rescue. Somehow we missed each other and he found me a half mile from home. 

I opted to finish the final 2.5 on the treadmill, but had to power walk it because of my sore, dying toenail. Fortunately this is the only real pain I felt today! Hammies were good, hips were good and until I changed shoes, toes were good! Have a great week everyone!

 These aren't the old brick/stone silos, but they're still old school and I likey!

I've been very impressed with whoever bought this farm. The house, which was in pretty 
tough shape, was basically stripped down to the studs and completely renovated. 
It probably would've been easier to demolish and rebuild, but they opted to honor 
its "good bones," which I think is pretty cool. (I'll be sure to run by the home when it's 
finished to post a pic.)  If they're able to save this barn I'll be uber impressed. 
Note the far right corner. Yep, that's field you see through the crumbling foundation.

A few years ago, I began to see brush and trees being cleared from waterways.
Initially I was totally pissed and could only see it through the emotional lens
of increased erosion and decreased filtering. But today? It still saddens me, but
how can I blame landowners? With ground and corn prices so high, why wouldn't they 
try to get as much possible land into production. I don't agree with it and I still worry
about the environmental impact, but I understand a little more.

More brush is cleared.

I found this path, lined with the 3 augers, appealing.

A HUGE pile of brush recently cleared.

Enough of the depressing, check out these awesome shoulders!

Yes, I know it's the shell of an old milk weed, but it's pretty!

I know, another weed, but it's color! On a gray day like today?
I'll take what I can get!

Never under estimate the humor of neighbors. I'm not sure who put this
Energizer Bunny in the field, but it was pretty hilarious around the halfway point!

Nestled in the bottom of a valley, a mother feeds her new calf.

I love how 330th Ave. ribbons and rolls along.

Old barns and sheds hide back among some tree-covered hills.

More of those gorgeous hills.

For Bonnie, a lover of windmills...

A pretty little pond...

My first of two two-pony spotings!

Rossiter Cemetery, at the corner of 330th Ave and 163rd St., is always
so well-manicured and lovingly maintained. Hats off to 'em!

At the base of the Charlotte water tower.

Outside the Charlotte Fire Station is a new memorial garden.

The Old Mill Nature Trail is a nice little path along the city park.

The Old Mill Bridge spans Deep Creek. I confess, I don't know the name
of the other waterway that's joining Deep Creek.

A fun little bridge along Old Mill Nature Trail.

The outside of Old Mill Bridge.

Along the backroad west out of Charlotte is a great little farm with cows & horses.

I can't help it, I like taking pictures of cows!

Earlier this morning I spotted these two ripping it down the hill. They were much
more relaxed this afternoon. The flies have been terrible so it's no wonder the masks.

My shining Cyclone! xo

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