Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marty's view of a long run-Illinois Marathon

While I was off running today's 4th Annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, my husband decided to do his version on my long run! Enjoy!

Oy to the vey! Dropped my bib. I may have cried a little bit . . .

After committing that cardinal sin of NOT attaching my bib to my shirt,
when we originally arrived at Corral F, I'd dropped my bib!!! Miraculously,
we found it on the ground back by the start line. Huge "WHEW!"

Despite me getting tired of Marty's "over documentation," I was super
impressed with how much this marathon has grown in the last year!

Getting pensive and ready to go! Temps were in the high 40s/low 50s. Had
feared rain, but was dry and cloudy with a great breeze. I couldn't 
have asked for more AWESOME running weather.

While I ran, Marty hunted down some breakfast and spotted this great bakery!

Though he went on about the tasty grub, I'm thinking that coffee looks heavenly!

Following breakfast Hubs found the cutest little used book shop. "You would've
loved this place," he said. It's best I ran because I never make good decisions
in a book shop. The cuter the shop, the bigger the bill!

A gorgeous array of iris . . . I remember spotting this garden while running.
Funny that we both saw this, yet missed each other on the route!

I had remarked yesterday that I couldn't recall the route passing by the race's
namesake medical site. Hubs proved that we did, in fact, pass it.

The old and the new . . .

With no real time goal other than hoping for a sub 4:45, I'm amazed Marty
was present for my 4:32:21 finish! Props to the husband!

Now . . . to register for my first 50k! =)

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