Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin', 21 miles&27 days 'til Champaign

Plagued with nausea yesterday, I was a little hesitant about today's 21 miler from my place near Charlotte, Iowa, to my parents farm, west of Grand Mound, Iowa. Fortunately the weather was GORGEOUS! Temps hung in the mid-60s, a cool breeze came and went, and a haze held a very bright sun from turning today into a grill-fest. (Despite sun screen, my face got scorched. At least it didn't feel as warm as my face looks.)

Having run this route last fall, there was really nothing new. I headed east on Hwy. 136 to the edge of "CharVegas" and then south on Hwy. Z2E or "The Humeston" as referred to by locals. Eventually I made a right and traveled west on 190th St. past my grandparents' farm, running over the 4-lane Hwy. 61 and past Welton until turning back south on County Rd. Y54 into Grand Mound where I turned right onto Hwy. 30 or "The Lincoln Highway" as was its original name, and to my parents' farm.

Felt very strong throughout and am ready for the final biggie on Saturday.

It's just a curve in the road, but it's adorned with all these road signs! :)

These weathered cat-tails caught my eye...

I loved the first half of today's run because the landscape is so hilly and rolly.
Thanks goodness, though, for that haze!

Cornflower blue...

I found these daffodils in a ditch. I don't think they grow wild in these parts.
I like the thought of someone randomly planting them...

My absolute favorite stretch of "The Humeston" is about 6 miles north of DeWitt, 7 miles
south of Charlotte, where a thick band of trees shade the road. I love it any time of year.

After passing my grandparents' farm and was about 2 miles east of Welton and my first of 2
Mountain Dew/water stops, I had my first canine greeting of the day. Looked Lab'ish
and just gave me a sniff before heading back to his porch. Two other dogs barked hellos
before my run would end. I'm pretty lucky to have only experienced GOOD dog encounters.

About 3 miles north of Grand Mound is a farm that I just think is so whimsical and pretty.

I envy their creativity, diligence and patience. I've tried to start 4 different flower gardens.
None of them have survived....weeding REALLY sucks!

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